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Good Old Sisyphus

Demo recording
Available to signed artists to record this song for their album and play it live on stage
Co-writers: Apollo Hyder, Bobby McKee, Jim Anderson, Eric Hunziker
Good Old Sisyphus
00:00 / 02:29

Good old Sisyphus
He makes no fuss
Rolls a rock
Right to the top

Puffs a cigarette
Spots a silhouette
In a red short gown
As the sun goes down

Electra baby
You're no lady
I see your papa lies
There by your side

What you're proposing
I'm supposing
I enter the fiefdom
Of your daddy's demon

Good old Sisyphus
In a minibus
Calls it a day
Off and away

She'll stomp and pound
The rock'll roll down
Rock'll roll down
Rock'll roll down

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